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" Sometimes you just have to take a break from everyday life "

finnish archipelago brännskär finland


Join us on an amazing week in the Finnish Archipelago. We offer you an unique trip among the islands

of southern Finland. Professional guides will bring you closer than ever to the traditions of the archipelago.

This is where you'll find an experience of a lifetime.

We are staying in handmade wooden cottages on a small island called Brännskär

with only 6 inhabitants. The nature is very close by and you get to discover it by kayak, bike,

motor-, sailing boat, and hiking. Brännskär is our base camp. Here we eat tasty, healthy and locally

produced dinners. Start your day with morning yoga or go out fishing with the fisherman. During the

evenings we sit around the campfire or spend some time in the legendary Finnish sauna including

swimming in the sunset. On our boat trips to other islands you have the chance to explore the outbound

of the archipelago with lighthouses and fascinating nature and cultural history. It's even common to spot

white-tailed eagles and seals.

Depending on your desire for either more adventurous or relaxing tours, we have a variety of different programs for each day. The archipelago is a perfect place for relaxing and forgetting about the stressful everyday life we live in. The nature and sea is healing the soul from within. Guided outdoor activities such as kayaking or hiking brings you even closer to total relaxation. You also have the chance to get a massage, attend to mindfulness exercises and yoga lessons during the week.

For those of you seeking adventure, we can assure you, you will find them. In a kayak, on a SUP board, hanging from a cliff wall, fishing, biking or sailing. All our activities, with the biggest focus on kayaking, can be adjusted to your skills and to the amount of action you want to get out of them. We start with the basics and evolve in a pace comfortable for the group. To top off things under one of our tours, we make a small kayaking trip to uninhabited islands where we camp in the hands of nature and sleep under the stars.

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- Explore the landscape & nature, eat good, learn more, experience new outdoor activities, relax & have fun

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Finnish Archipelago

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1 night


4 days /


All inclusive

We will spend 4 days together and we'll bring you straight to the things that matter. During these days you will have the opportunity to experience nature of the Finnish archipelago. We will explore our surroundings and learn the basics in kayaking as well as in sailing traditional wooden boats. Either you’re looking for adventure or tranquility you can find it surrounded by the sea and all the hundreds of small islands. Professional guides will take you where you need to be, you can just concentrate on enjoying the healthy and delicious food, clean your body and soul in the sauna or just deep dive in a book on the cliffs on the shore of an island.





Moderate / Challenging

  840 € / person 

Activity Level:

7 days /

Guided week

All inclusive

Let's take the time we need, to get a taste of life in the archipelago. You'll live in the middle of the archipelago for the entire week and during all 7 days you'll have the chance to get really close to the elements of nature. We will explore the Finnish archipelago by motor & sailing boat, kayaking, biking, hiking and by the well built network of public transportation and ferries. Enjoy the peaceful and relaxing side of the archipelago while we provide you with delicious and healthy food, mindfulness activities and a connection with nature that will help you charge your batteries.




Activity Level:

  1620 € / person 

2 days /

Guided TOUR

All inclusive

We will fit a little adventure and a little relaxation in our archipelago tour from Nagu to Brännskär. During these two days you will have the opportunity to experience the nature of the Finnish archipelago. We start our tour at Nagu citycentere with an introduction at the kayakbeach. During the first day we will paddle our way to the Brännskär island where we stay our night in handmade wooden cottages. We will provide you with tasty and healthy meals and some authentic outdoor experiences along our way. In the evening we heat up the sauna for you before a late archipelagodinner in the restaurant. 

Next day we will start the morning very slowly. During the day you can participate in the morning movement session, archipelago guided tour, hiking and the outdoor cookingclass on open fire.



Activity Level:

  350 € / person 

" Real hidden gem 💎 Service is superb and the cottages are just amazing!"

Brännskär guest harbour

On the edge of the outer archipelago but still close to the beautiful city of Turku you are able to get from the airport or train/bus station to Brännskär in no time. At Brännskär, we want to create a sense of tranquility where you can forget about the stress of everyday life.


Living Archipelago AB

Brännskär, 21650 LILLANDET


              PHONE NUMBER: +358 505919401

              PHONE NUMBER: +358 407071425


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