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Brännskär is an old fishing homestead  with a long history of both fishing and boat building. During the last 10 years we have developed Brännskär into into an active archipelago island. Here you will find a marina, traditional log cottages, a café/restaurant, wood heated saunas, plenty of typical but versatile nature as well as outdoor activities for you to explore.

On the edge of the outer archipelago but still close to the beautiful city of Turku you are able to get from the airport or train/bus station to Brännskär in no time. At Brännskär, we want to create a sense of tranquility where you can forget about the stress of everyday life. Standing on the round cliffs, shaped by the ice age, watching towards the horizon, it's easy to realize how much space there is to move around in and how much fresh air there is to breathe. The cottages where our guests stay are not only surrounded by a warm and protecting forest of pine trees but also built from the sames trees that grew where the cottages now stand.


The archipelago does not only offer opportunities, we also have to care for and manage it to make sure it survives. Our archipelago truly is one of a kind and deserves all the time and care in world!

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