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The story

We set out to create the adventures we wanted to experience.

We set out to create the opportunity for the world to join us.

After a few years of studying, two childhood friends came together to implement the ideas that were born during their younger years. Gathering all the knowledge and tools they now acquired they went out to build and create what they thought was the best way to experience in their opinion one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Finnish archipelago.

​In 2013 they founded the company Living Archipelago and since that day they have been building a base to stand on and opening up the possibility for people around the world to enjoy the archipelago. With the total respect for how things have always been in the archipelago combined with an interest in the modern ways of living they now carry all the tools needed for these adventures. Equipment for all activities, handmade timber cottages to accommodate all guests and a chef in their own restaurant kitchen preparing all the meals.

"We are a team of nature loving guides who want to invite you to join this luxurious adventure!"


Linus Söderlund

Entrepreneur & Wilderness guide

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Simon Strömsund

Entrepreneur & Bachelor in performing arts

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Suistainability & Respect

Maintaining the history, culture and nature of the archipelago has always been at the core of our philosophy. We want to ensure that our activities and our guests have a positive impact on the area. An important goal for us is also to inspire our guests to spend more time outdoors, understand the ways of the archipelago and take action to do good for both nature and society.

We support our local community in any way we can. We have a great communication and collaboration with landowners, small businesses and other locals, and use a wide range of local services and products, both for our own operation and through recommendations to our guests.

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